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Unicode Version of ParaConc

We have completed an initial unicode version. This version, however, requires UTF-16 files and the next stage will involve providing a couple of options for conversion from other formats. One feature will involve different "Load Corpus Files" options. We will also provide an external utility to do conversions. The unicode version will be available free of charge to users who have previously purchased ParaConc. For info, contact Michael Barlow (

New download option

ParaConc (individual licence) can be downloaded from this site.

Selected citation

Moropa, K. 2007. Analysing the English-Xhosa parallel corpus of technical texts with Paraconc: a case study of term formation processes. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, 25, 2.


Workshop on ParaConc at the IATIS conference in Melbourne in July 2009


ParaConc is a bilingual or multilingual Windows concordancer that can be used in contrastive analyses, language learning, and translation studies/training. ParaConc is well-known and is being used at a variety of institutions around the world.

Pricing. The price of the Windows software is $39 by download (see the ParaConc flyer (outdated pricing)). A two-year 15-user site licence is $750. To order, send email to

To get the software immediately for individual use ($49), click on the BUY NOW button. The transaction and link to the software is processed through You will be direct to Paypal where you can pay by credit card. You will then be given the link to download the zip file containing the software and the manual. Any questions or problems, send email to

Buy Now

Current users can send email to Athelstan to receive the latest build (269).

A demo is now available. (In the demo the number of hits is restricted to 150 and the results cannot be saved or printed.)

Short paper (pdf)

Brief Overview of Features

Alignment: Utiltity for semi-automatic alignment. Searching: Simple text search; Regular expression search; Tag search; and Parallel Search
Translations: Search for potential translations in results window. Also Hot Words feature suggests possible translations and collocates.
Font Support: ParaConc can now be used more easily with Chinese, Japanese and Korean
Collocate Frequency Span: Collocates of spans from 1L-1R to 4L-4R
Collocate highlighting: Collocates of the search term are highlighted in colour in the concordance lines. This allows the combination of (visual) collocate frequency information with the usual presentation of concordance patterns.
Advanced Sort : Primary and Secondary Sorting of results. Advanced Sort option allows primary, secondary and tertiary sorting. Also sorting on ends of words, sorting according to the value of tracked tags.
Advanced Collocation: Program counts collocations in various ways. A useful Span feature has been introduced. Once a search has been completed, the user chooses a span (2 to 5 words) and the software calculates the most frequent collocations of the specified size containing the search word.
Save As: Various saving options, including Save As Html file, which gives a coloured picture of the search results for display on the web.

Other resources

Compiling Japanese-Russian Aligned Parallel Corpus

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